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Our programs target Learning difficulties and underperformance. This includes clients with anxiety, attention deficit, poor concentration or comprehension, clumsiness, dyslexia, weak literacy or numeracy, hyperactivity, or poor memory. Also useful to improve creativity and communication and for those who overload easily.

Our Listening assessment takes approximately 90 minutes:

  • History questionnaire to capture information about birth , medical history, school and social performance, developmental milestones as well as social & family history;
  • Listening questionnaire to capture information about sensory-motor performance, auditory and emotional performance;
  • Teacher questionnaire, iLs and Fisher’s Auditory checklist
  • A careful discussion to surface your concerns and your goals, and
  • Identify how we can best deliver measurable and achievable outcomes to meet your goals.


  • Otoacoustic emissions test  measures “how” you hear. 
  • Auditory Perception Test measures how well you listen and pitch discriminate. This allows us to identify how well you interpret the sounds that you capture with your ears.
  • We measure how fast you process what you see and hear. Many process far too slowly to fully comprehend their daily world.
  • Auditory digit span test checks if short-term memory is age-appropriate.
  • Review posture, balance, motor, hand-eye coordination and visual tracking. These are all important foundations for learning
  • Draw a picture
  • Assess zinc status

Written results:

  • Summary of results
  • Program, lifestyle and placement recommendations
  • Referrals as required (ie audiology, breathing, dentistry, nutrition, motor  or osteopathy program )
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