Harry Armytage
The Learning Difficulty Expert 

Using music, movement and play to unlock
the roadblocks to learning in children and adults

About Us

Our learning solution is a combination of movement, music and play to resolve learning difficulties. Modified classical music has the capacity to gently restore sensory performance. Our programs combine listening, looking, balance, play, drawing and movement to build the capacity to cope with the challenges of everyday life.  My choice to work predominantly with children is driven by the opportunity to change their lives as well as the fun of working with them. For adults with a commitment to self-responsibility, we also offer Wellness programs.


A little about Harry

As an avid photographer and intermittent sculptor, I resonate with sensitive, creative clients. I also enjoy working with those who are bright or gifted because there is more potential to deliver gains. I find it easier to work with clients who are open to change and those with a positive attitude. Most of my clients under-perform because they struggle to listen, look or move efficiently or have had an adverse childhood experience. Brighter clients are able to disguise their struggle for longer, but even they eventually “hit a wall” as they run out of ways to compensate for their learning difficulties.

With gentle nudging from my wife, I have come to realise that HOW I am with a client is as important as WHAT we do together. Sometimes it is most productive to just sit quietly as a client struggles to master a jigsaw puzzle, drawing or a creative challenge. I value the opportunity to help children unlock their potential because it can change their lives. While most clients contact me because their child is struggling at school, the core issue is often low attention, weak concentration or low self esteem and I target these weaknesses first.

Please explore this website for more information or connect with me on Twitter or LinkedIn. Many clients prefer to use Pinterest because they are visual learners or have auditory issues.

"Harry is a very skilled and professional trainer, dedicated to his work,
in particular to help people in the field of central perception disorder
and related subjects."

Ralph Warnke - Owner MediTECH Electronic GmbH

What we  do

A Proven Method

Careful holistic assessments and analysis allow me to identify the most suitable program to help clients to dissolve their sensory-emotional roadblocks. Integrated Listening Programs are a key tool. This evidence-based approach targets the foundations of learning and performance. Client testimonials and my tracking study of over 200+ clinic  programs over the last decade suggest that the main benefits of my approach for clients are:

  • Happier, less anxious, more relaxed
  • More self-confident
  • Increased capacity to cope with daily life
  • Improved concentration and attention
  • Improved literacy, numeracy and learning
  • Better communication
  • Emotional and social maturation
  • Easier to make and keep friends

From the Economist to the Wellness Consultant

Graduating with first class honours in Economics from Monash University in Melbourne I spent four decades analysing and modelling human behaviour for marketing and policy. This has endowed me with considerable pattern-recognition skills. In my early fifties I experienced a life-threatening tropical illness. During my recovery I realised it was time to work directly on the human condition. My pattern-recognition skills allowed me to smoothly transition from an economist to a therapist, from “needs & wants” to “behaviour & learning”. I am well equipped to identify the key drivers of under-performance in my clients.

The exhilarating journey to
redefine myself started in Denver in 2003. I trained as a Listening Therapist with Dr Ron Minson of Dynamic Listening Systems (DLS). Board-certified in Psychiatry and Neurology Dr Minson served as Chief of Psychiatry for Presbyterian Medical Center and Director of Behavioral Sciences at Mercy Hospital in Denver. After resolving his daughter’s dyslexia and depression with sound therapy Dr. Minson trained with Dr. Tomatis in Paris. He then developed DLS which evolved into the present day Integrated Listening Systems, both of which I use.

My transformation from economist to therapist involved many years of study both at Dynamic Listening Systems in Denver and Health Schools of Australia. In 2009, I completed a Certificate IV in Wellness Consultancy and in 2014 Advanced Diplomas in both Wellness Consultancy and Nutritional Medicine. I selected these courses because they offered the widest coverage available and allowed me to better understand the many issues underlying learning, behaviour and wellbeing.

The journey to therapist was a homecoming. It combines my love of high fidelity and classical music. I have been blessed to work in the Canberra Osteopathic Centre for the past decade – building my skills as a therapist and providing therapist training and support in Australasia and Asia. All this was made possible with the support and encouragement of my clinic principal Dr Maxwell Fraval.