Integrated Listening Systems (iLs)

Building the brain with music

iLs programs are at the cutting edge of delivering effective sensory programs for those with learning or performance deficits. They provide the listening and sensory-motor stimulation needed by many of those with learning difficulties. These programs are designed to improve learning attention, concentration, communication, memory and organisational skills.

By strengthening the integration of all the senses, they build the capacity to prosper in the average noisy classroom or workplace. Integration also builds the hand – eye coordination so important for writing and sport.

iLs programs are available for use at home, school or in a clinic. We can incorporate visual tracking and microphone work to address visual and expressive language deficits. Programs are designed to address the causes of weak literacy or dyslexia.

Programs incorporate audio expertise of Dynamic Listening Systems with the movement and visual expertise of the Lucy Miller at the STAR centre in Denver. Incorporates the clinical experience of thousands of clients across USA and Australia.


In-Clinic Programs

Listening programs in clinic deliver individual listening therapy to normalise listening, learning and dynamically effect personal change. Based on the work of French ENT (Ear, Nose & Throat) Specialist, Dr Tomatis, all programs incorporate powerful bone conduction, auditory, fine motor, movement, balance and visual exercises.

We use a combination of Mozart, Baroque music, Waltz, chants and filtered mother’s voice. Designed to improve attention, learning, speech, comprehension and processing speed by strengthening neural pathways in the brain and information processing.

Our programs strengthen the sensory foundations of learning and performance by building new connections in the brain to facilitate social and emotional maturity, improve creativity and build reading. writing and organisation skills.

A typical clinic program contains thirty 80-minute sessions. After completing the receptive phase, clients use a microphone to build expressive language. All listening is combined with movement exercises or quiet motor activities like drawing, knitting, puzzles, building models or playing with dolls. We can integrate Eye-Port visual training tool if needed.

At Home or In-School Programs

We also offer the option of programs at home or school with a mobile systems. Our mobile iLs Focus programs integrate powerful bone conduction on an iPod to deliver over 200 hours of therapy. These programs are suitable for those who cannot attend a clinic for treatment, but who need more powerful or faster acting programs.

iLs Home/Kickstart programs are for those with mild to moderate attention, behaviour, learning, or performance deficits. Helpful to sustain the gains from clinic programs, to build self-confidence and reduce anxiety.

A typical home program consists of 30 minutes listening each day for a minimum of 16 weeks.

iLs Dreampad offers music through a gentle, calming vibration in a pillow. The relaxing music is carried by your body to the inner ear and nervous system. Reduces stress and improves sleep. Helps to normalise those with sensory hypersensitivities and for those who are too young to tolerate headphones.

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