Dare to be Vulnerable as an adult

Harry and Sally discuss vulnerability and how it can help us grow. Another interesting topic discussing helpful models and processes to support you step into your vulnerability. Are you hiding behind a mask – or putting up a facade? Personal growth, peace and positive opportunities arise as a flow on effect from being real and raw, taking risks and relinquishing the pretence of a perfect person. Have a listen and leave us some comments. Go on – get vulnerable and be true to your authentic self!

To show up here with Sally every week takes courage and we are vulnerable. Despite the risk that you may agree or disagree with our thoughts and values, we show up and share our perspective on topics that we think are important. This process allows us both to grow, to connect with you and to better understand and integrate ourselves.


Brené Brown – the Queen of Vulnerability

Brené Brown’s TED talk entitled The Power of Vulnerability launched her as the Queen of Vulnerability. Brene introduced me to the power of vulnerability and that this can make us more human, accessible and connectable. It is the state that allows us to show up as your authentic self without being terrified about what others might think, despite the uncertainty and risk of rejection or worse.

If you over-protect yourself with the armour that you are invincible, super successful or superior, this can erect a powerful barrier to intimacy and connection with another. On the other hand, if you can merge your disparate work and home beings into one integrated persona. This allows you to be yourself, authentically, with all your strengths and weaknesses, wherever you are.

Dare to be Vulnerable model

Foundations of Vulnerability

  • Choose to be yourself
  • Have the Courage to ditch the fear  of rejection
  • Commit to the uncertainty and risk of exposure
  • Relinquish your fears
  • Be Raw, Real and Ready
  • take the Risk to be yourself

Harry’s top three tips to embrace the courage to be Vulnerable

  1. Learn to love yourself and accept your failings
  2. Define your core values and your passions
  3. Discard those actions which no longer serve your values

Sally’s top three tips

  1. Take the mask off and be yourself
  2. Own your choices
  3. Learn and grow from your experiences

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