Gratitude allows you to shft to a positive mindset

Gratitude with Attitude for a happier life

Do you have a daily Gratitude practice? We certainly do! Once you incorporate Gratitude, this will change your attitude to life’s ups and downs.

You should try it – because being grateful has so many benefits and really helps shift your mindset. It is an important aspect of manifesting great things into your life! Have a listen to our latest Wellbeing Panel.


  • As Brené Brown elegantly states, “practicing gratitude invites joy into our lives”
  • Better sleep
  • More patience
  • Better decision making
  • Improved physical health
  • More optimistic

How to choose Happiness by rewiring your brain

Shawn Anchor has demonstrated that scientifically, happiness is a choice. We can make this choice by with a simple practice he calls the Three Gratitudes.

  1. Pause at the same time every day – first or last thing
  2. Identify three new things each day that you are grateful for. They can be little things like I jumped out of bed this morning, or that guy returned my smile this morning.
  3. Do this every day for twenty one days

This will help you to re-pattern your brain to take more and more notice of positive thoughts rather than negative ones.

I have tried this practice and it is powerful. It has reset my position on the optimism clock. I now tend to look at the positive outcome in any situation I experience.

When you become happier you can reap these benefits [1]

  • 31% higher productivity
  • 37% higher sales
  • 3x greater creativity
  • 23% fewer fatigue symptoms
  • up to 10x more engaged
  • 40% more likely to receive a promotion
  • 39% more likely to live to age 94

Top three tips to building a happier life

  1. Become CONSCIOUS of your  thoughts and your stressors
  2. CEASE the negative thoughts and identify solutions
  3. CHOOSE to redirect your mind to an achievable positive thought  AND implement a daily gratitude practice until it becomes a habit

If you would like to take the next step with Harry Armytage, complete the listening scorecard here

As it happens – there’s a gratitude exercise in Sally’s Mindset Journal

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