Good food choices – empower you kids to make the right decision


Today we talk about good food and bad food choices. We discuss the challenges of providing quality food to our children when both parents are on different pages. The junk food choices of one parent can drown out reasoned arguments for healthy food choices.

One solution I suggested to Sally was to label her new fridge with “Junk” on one door and “Healthy” on the other. This allows the kids to make informed choices and observe the consequences. It is worth discussing the blood sugar rollercoaster after eating refined carbohydrates like white bread. It is also worth noting the behavioural impacts of sugar and colouring after a birthday party.

You are what you eat

What you feed your family is so important. You may have heard of the phrases “You are what you eat” or more correctly, “You are what you absorb!”  What you feed your children and support or undermine their ability to learn and reach their potential at school.  For many kids, a wholesome breakfast is essential to get them through a morning at school with a brain that can think. Your ability to think clearly is substantially influenced by your digestion via the Gut-Brain connection.

Confusing messages

There are many confusing health messages on the internet and in magazines. These include: sweet poison, low fat, high fibre, low salt, grass-fed, organic, paleo … The challenge for every parent is to equip your children with a love of healthy, tasty food so that they can avoid the prospect of obesity, diabetes or heart disease later in life.

Good food choices are also important if you wish to start a family

A study of over 5000 women suggest that those who regularly eat fast food and insufficient fruit are more likely to struggle to conceive

My tips to help you reduce junk food

  1. Manage your stress
  2. Allow yourself to have your favourite foods, but in moderation
  3. Notice your craving for sweet, salt or tangy and decide
  4. Break the pattern by having at least a couple of days a week junk food free

My top three tips to build a love of good food in your kids

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