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Meditate and discover yourself

MEDITATION – Is this a part of your routine?  Sally and I discuss the benefits of meditation and how this mindfulness practice is so helpful in coping with the busy world we live in. There are numerous health benefits as well as helping deal with stress and anxiety and gaining more clarity and focus. Anyone can meditate – and it’s becoming a more common practice within schools, business and in many people’s lives. Have a listen and leave us your thoughts.

What is Meditation?

It is an ancient practice that involves stilling the mind so that you can connect with your soul and the greater life force. It allows you to access inner peace and escape from the symptoms of a stressful busy life. Life is now so busy and so noisy. There are many techniques and forms of meditation – some involve mindfulness and others are based on a. spiritual practice from the East. Whatever you try, it has the potential to move you from anxiety for peace, from stress to relaxation, from worry to happiness, from confusion to clarity and from overwhelm to coping.


There is a reasonable amount of evidence around the physical and psychological benefits of meditation. For instance, one study suggested that those who meditate reduce their risk of coronary disease by 87 percent, and of getting cancer by 55 percent.

My Meditation Model

meditation model

Top ten benefits of Meditation (from m

  1. Inner Peace – grounds & centres
  2. Lifts Mood and reduces the perception of pain
  3. Improves Health by reducing blood pressure, cholesterol and, cortisol
  4. Increases stress resistance and immunity
  5. Improves digestion, energy level and sleep
  6. Supports Happiness and Wellbeing
  7. Improves Clarity – self-awareness & intuition
  8. Amplifies Inspiration and Creativity
  9. Feel the Flow which rejuvenates & facilitates energy flows in the body
  10. Increases Spiritual connection

Our top three tips to Meditate

  1. PAUSE your busy life and START
  2. Find a suitable quiet PLACE and practice regularly
  3. Relax and PLUG-IN to the zone by blocking out your busy thoughts

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