Saying No and letting go!

Sally and I discuss how to focus on what serves you and your passion and let the rest go. Part of the process is to learn how to say “No” when something no longer suits your purpose. By putting in place healthy boundaries, this makes it easier to choose the life you want. It also helps you to gain more balance and live a more authentic life.

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Examples of Letting go and saying No:

  • Learn to say no to make space for the yes, to make room for what matters most
  • Stress less and do more by thinking and acting at the same time
  • Listen to your body and resist the urge to eat a whole block of chocolate at one sitting
  • Restore the rhythm and balance between work and rest y saying no to unpaid overtime
  • Watch Less TV more reading or conversation
  • Driving less and walk more
  • Eat Less junk food and more real food
  • be available for less Mum’s taxi so your kids can walk or cycle to school more often

Did you realise that it is easy to say Yes, but much more difficult to say No

According to Warren Buffett, “really successful people say No to almost everything.”

Recommended Reading

Rabbi Edwin Goldberg’s book, “Letting go and saying No” is full of Jewish wisdom that is as relevant to you and me as to anyone of the Jewish faith. It empowers you to make room for what really matters in your life.

My top three tips will deliver you Clarity, Courage and choice to grab your goals

  1. Find your passion and your core values
  2. Focus on forgiveness especially stuff in the basement from your childhood
  3. Free yourself from actions which no longer serve you

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Photo:Nick Fewings