Surviving to Thriving

How well are you coping with your life right now? Is dealing with stress your number one challenge? Today we discuss the frightening statistics around Stress, anxiety and depression and how so many of us are affected in our daily lives. Are you thriving or simply just surviving? Are you relying on “band aids” to get you through – did you know Finances is the top cause of Stress in Australia?

We discuss issues people are facing today and ways to cope with our daily lives. Have a listen and let us know your thoughts.

Are you just coping?

The Brits are surviving

Their statistics on mental health problems are sobering [2]

  • 65% report they have had a mental health problem
  • 70% of women, young adults and those living alone
  • 4/10 have been depressed
  • 3/4 of those in low income households experience mental health issues
  • and 85% of those out of work
  • mental health problems are rising and affect all stratas of society

Aussies are in better shape, but not by much [ABS]

  • 35% with significant distress
  • 26% have abnormal anxiety
  • 26% extremely depressed

Obstacles to thriving

  • Increased stress
  • Social dislocation
  • Increasing income inequality
  • Social media pressure
  • Increased materialism

Choose resilience to enable you to cope with a shock

If You Want Things to Change, You Have to Do Something Different.” Gina Gardiner

Our top three tips to move from surviving to Thriving

  1. Create a space to rediscover yourself every morning – this will allow you to re-assess your life
  2. Check your habits and action positive changes and set sensible boundaries
  3. Choose to keep those habits that serve you and chuck those that don’t. Than you can move towards achievinge peace and purpos

Recommended reading

1: Pic courtesy of Enabling Smart City Resilience Through Center of Gravity Analysis bVictor R. Morris

2: Surviving or Thriving mental health survey

Background Photo by Roman Bozhko on Unsplash