Adult Educator Listening
Susan F

40 years Adult Dyslexia
Simon R

Adult Developmental Delay

10 years Anxiety, Sadness & Learning
Louie M

9 years Literacy, Speech & Attention

9 years Literacy, Speech & Attention
Elliot W

12 years Learning
Monty C

10 years ADHD
Matthew G

5 years Listening & Learning
Mason B

Siblings 7 & 10 years Anxiety & Learning
Shakaya P

Siblings 7 & 10 years Anxiety & Learning
Kobi P

James H

5.7yrs Motor & Learning
James Hu

10 years Speech and Learning
James Hu

6 years Learning and Communication
Anika H

40 years Adult MTBI

11 years Learning, Discouraged & Frustrated

7 years Concentration and Attention
Bartholomew B

4.5 years Auditory Processing
Brandon L

9.6 years Learning
Brendan P

51 years Fatigue, Anxiety, Depression, Learning
Colleen R

10 years Learning, Anxiety and Social Skills
Courtney G

9 years Sensory Overload
Elia G

16 years Listening and Frustration
Gabrielle S

12.5 years Anxiety and Literacy
Georgina R

8 years Bright, Struggling with Learning
Harry G

7 years Literacy and Numeracy
Henry L

9 years Literacy and Numeracy
Jack P

6 years Learning and Behaviour
Nicholas H

Literacy and Motor
Samuel Mc

Adult with Childhood Trauma
David R