Who is it for?

What we love best is helping bright children with learning difficulty – and their families. These are the kids who overload or under perform in daily life. They listen poorly which is tough because children learn by listening. Yes, brighter kids can have a learning difficulty but this is often well hidden and can be missed at school.

Does your child behave badly? There is a good reason for every behaviour. Many children I see are thought lazy or uncooperative but they are trying their hardest. But, they are struggling to cope in noisy classrooms where they have little control or authority.

Those with a learning difficulty have to work much harder than others to keep up. They tend to become discouraged, anxious or have lower self-esteem. Many find it difficult to express their thoughts or to understand conversations amongst their peers in the playground. They can be clumsy and avoid team sports. Physical coordination is also important for learning; for this reason we use multi-sensory programs to achieve the best outcomes for our clients.